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Upcoming Events:  For more info, see our Event Calendar, and the News section below. 
- October 6th - Chromosome Mapping, Browsing, and Painting
- October 9th - Visit us @ the Hagen History Center's Community Days 
- October 11th - Erie County Courthouse Records - Member Meeting  
- October 18th - Beginner Genealogy  
- October 18th - Off the Beaten Track Genealogy Sites You May Have Been Missing
- October 25th - Census Records - More than you think
- November 6th - Visit us @ the Hagen History Center's Community Days
- November 8th - Erie's Hagen History Center Library & Archives - Member Meeting
- November 10th - Five Tools Everyone Should Be Using 
- November 29th - Immigration Records for Genealogy  
- December 13th - Holiday Luncheon  
- August 7th-11th, 2023 - SAVE THE DATES, Join us for our Genealogy Road Trip to Erie Week! 
- August 8th - ESGR Picnic at Presque Isle State Park!


Welcome! If you have not yet joined The Erie Society for Genealogical Research (ESGR), we'd like to tell you about some of the benefits of membership in our society. We hope you'll agree that joining ESGR is a great idea. 

When you are a member of ESGR, you become part of a community of shared interest in the history and families of Erie County, Pennsylvania and the nearby area.  Our members range from beginners to people with many years of genealogy research experience. 

Members enjoy many benefits: 
- Access to the Members-Only section of our website; 
- Receive the Keystone Kuzzins, our quarterly newsletter; 
- Participate in our Surnames Research matching service;  
- Hear knowledgeable speakers with expertise in a broad ranges of areas, including research tips and trends and presentations related to the rich history of Erie County, Pennsylvania and the nearby area; and
- Ability to volunteer on initiatives to nurture and foster an interest in genealogical research and education, and projects to preserve and perpetuate the genealogical and historical heritage of Erie County and the surrounding area.  
- Ability to attend social events, including summer picnics and holiday gatherings. 

Current Members: 
To renew, you can now pay your dues online. Click on the small bell on the upper right corner of this homepage for payment options.  Please note that you must already be a member of ESGR, and be registered on this website, to use this feature.

Prospective Members: 
To join, please go to the "Join ESGR" link at the left; fill out a membership application and mail with a check for your dues to the address there. Please register on our website when you mail your application. This will add you to our member emails as soon as we receive your application and check, and will give you full access to the website.  Welcome!