Find A Grave

Find A Grave is a global, volunteer-produced directory of cemeteries, with memorial pages documenting known burials. Some information is available at no cost. It has compiled a pretty comprehensive list of cemeteries in Erie County, Pennsylvania. However, cemeteries are only listed when a volunteer creates the first page for the burial location. Some abandoned cemeteries may not be listed. We are working to fill in any missing entries. 

Do you know of a cemetery in Erie County that is not listed below? Please contact us at [email protected], so that we can update our list.

The Find A Grave cemetery list typically includes a local map, links to each memorial page for individuals, and, in some cases, information about the precise location or condition of the cemetery. Volunteers can upload photos to memorial pages and suggest edits to existing pages. They are encouraged to post GPS locators.

The Erie County list: The number given in parentheses on the list below indicates how many memorial pages have been posted for each Erie County cemetery by Find A Grave volunteers as of September 8, 2018. It is not the same as the number of interments, which is usually larger. The number changes as volunteers post more memorials. Our number on this page may not be current.

Many of the older cemeteries are no longer in use. Some are located on private land. Entries usually indicate if access may be limited. They sometimes include contact information for cemetery management. Find A Grave is imperfect, and sometimes inaccurate, but it is invaluable. The philosophy driving the volunteers: everyone deserves to be remembered. 

Erie County Cemeteries listed in Find a Grave (not in alphabetical order)