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Burials: Cemetery Readings

Burials in LeBoeuf Township - ESGR Publication 2002
Contains listings of all known burials in LeBoeuf Township, Erie Co., PA. Readings of Mill Village & Mackey Hill (LeBoeuf) done in 2001 with verification of records of the cemeteries and additions from all older readings. Also includes old readings for Waterhouse, Frisbeetown, Indian Hill, and Boyd's Farm Cemeteries.

Waterford Cemetery - ESGR Publication 2010 
This listing of the Waterford cemetery is a combination of the information found in two early readings (circa 1922 & 1955) and a reading by the ESGR members in 2009.  The original cemetery was at the southwest corner of Second & West Streets until 1840, when the present cemetery was opened.  Stones from the "Old Cemetery" were moved to one section of the new cemetery, and noted as "from old cemetery" .  We have also noted if a stone could not longer be located, that was listing in an earlier reading. 

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